3D Measurement with SiTek PSD-Array

The PSD array consists of 16 parallel one-dimensional PSD elements on the same chip. By utilizing the triangulation technique the reflection of a laser line or multiple laser spots onto the PSD array will provide information about the contour of the illuminated object. The possibility for simultaneous readout of the 16 elements together with the fast response of each element makes the PSD array suitable for applications like high speed 3D contour measurements and measurements of parallel, moving objects such as cantilevers.

To ensure high sensitivity the gap between the elements has been minimized giving a fill factor of more than 97%, still with low crosstalk and the same high linearity as SiTeks other one-dimensional PSDs.

In order to preserve the performance also under stray light conditions the PSD array has been designed with SiTeks unique built in stray light elimination feature, a patented design which eliminates the decrease in speed and linearity due to stray light. The PSD array is delivered in a 34 pin dual in line type ceramic package and has a measurement length of 2,5 mm but can be custom designed with any length and/or number of PSD elements.

Here you find the PSD-Array datasheet in pdf format.

You have to have Adobe Acrobat® Reader from Adobe Systems Incorporated installed to be able to read pdf documents. This product is free of charge and very simple to use.

Part. No Description Segments Active area of each segment Leakage current (nA) Noise current (pA/Hz) Capa- citance (pF) Rise time (10 - 90%) (ns) Standard package
SA-0039 1LA16-2,5_SU89 16 2,5x0,39mm2 2 0,8 4 70 34 pin DIP

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