SiTek - The Optronics Company of the Year 1999
SWEDOPTRONICS is the trade association that represents the companies in Sweden within the field of optronics. Among other activities, its contribution to progress within this sphere includes the award of the 'Company of the Year' prize to one of the successful companies that has undergone a thorough scrutiny. 1999 marked the fifth year of the prize.

The criteria for the prize:
The main criteria relate to long-term profitability, earned by a Swedish product based on an invention made by a Swedish company.

The assessment covers:
Product / Service
Logistics and efficiency
Innovative capacity
Market communication
Participation in international R&D co-operation

1995 - Geotronics Scandinavia AB was the winner; 1996 LMI Selcom AB; 1997 Saab Training System AB while no company met the award criteria in 1998.

The jury's motivation for making the award to SiTek in 1999:
During the past year SiTek has made progress in terms of financial position as well as product quality to become an internationally active company with a clear ambition to become a leading actor within its segment of the market.

SiTek's commitment
We are of course very proud of this award which encourages us to further strengthen our R&D activities within PSD technology so as to be able to meet the toughest demands of the industry on a continuous basis.