Customised design

The standard product line of our company meets most market requirements. However, there is no doubt that a customised PSD will ensure the best performance from your product whether it be an instrument or a complex measurement system.

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At SiTek, we have over 25 years’ experience of close co-operation with our customers in the design, testing, optimising and production of specific semiconductor photodetectors; a PSD perfectly suited to its operating environment.
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PSD parameters which can be optimized:

Detector geometry
Spectral response
Rise time
Detector resistance
Detector capacitance

Several parameters can be optimised to get the best performance for an application. The detector geometry, which is the basis for most of the other parameters, can be of any shape and size within the 3" wafer diameter. Resolution, rise time, detector resistance, noise and capacitance are connected with the physics of the PSD and are co-related with each other and with the size.

Nevertheless, optimisation for a special need is possible and we are able to tailor-make the parameters within the physical limitations. The spectral response can be optimised for any desired wavelength between 200-1100 nm with the highest possible responsiveness.
Last, but not least, the assembly of the PSD can be tailored. Size, number of pins, spacing of the pins, type of cover glass, AR-coating, optical filters etc. are all specifications for the package which may be adjusted.

Example of specific components
Besides single element PSDs in a large number of different sizes we also produce PSDs made up of several elements. One example is the PSD array, a PSD made up of several one-dimensional PSD elements placed in parallel on the same piece of silicon. This type of component is now attracting a growing interest and is already the key to the success of several profile measurement systems.
We have also produced circular components for measuring of radius or angle or both. Also components which are only a segment of a circle or a disc can be made. Independently, we can enhance the PSD for different wavelengths like UV, visible, near-IR, YAG etc. as well as for charged particles and x-rays.
Besides PSDs we also produce PIN photodetectors, single cells, dual cells, 4-quadrant detectors as well as array types of more or less any size.

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