Standard products

SiTek Standard PSD
The SiTek Standard PSD (Position Sensing Detector) has high resolution, fast response and outstanding linearity. It is used in a wide variety of applications, most of them utilizing light sources in the visible or near-infrared part of the spectrum. The spectral range covers the region 400 - 1100 nm. Thanks to SiTek's proprietary AR-coating, optimized around 860 nm, a reflection loss of only 2% is achieved around the responsivity peak. Most of the detectors have a cover window to avoid handling damages.

A standard One-dimensional PSD with 22-pin DIL-package, 31,8 x 9,9 mm

The UV PSD is a detector optimized for use in the UV wavelength region 200-400 nm, although its spectral response reaches up to 1100 nm. The sensitivity in the UV region (200-400 nm) is extremely high. The UV-PSD has the same outstanding specifications as the standard SiTek PSD.

Reference data
The performance data of the SiTek PSDs conform to the highest standards. The device specification data are measured in a well-defined environment but are also proven to be perfectly adequate in widely diverse environments, including those of an extremely demanding nature.

Controlling the relative movements of crane and container

Common data for all SiTek PSDs:
Thermal drift, typical 20 ppm/C for 1L-series and 40ppm/C for 2L-series
Bias voltage 5 - 20V
Maximum operating temperature 70C
Maximum storage temperature 100C
The device specification data are measured under the following conditions:
Bias 15V
Temperature 23C
Position non-linearity and thermal drift are measured within 80% of the detector length.
Thermal drift is measured from 23C to 70C.
All values are typical unless otherwise stated.
For detailed data, please refer to individual data sheets.