SEEPOS - A versatile PSD signal processing tool perfect for development of PSD systems

For most position measurement applications the SiTek SEEPOS system offers a complete and easy-to-use solution. High speed PSD electronics combined with digital signal processing and high speed USB data transfer gives a powerful measurement system. With its large dynamic range it can handle light powers from nW to mW from DC light sources as well as modulated light sources. All parameters, such as PSD bias voltage, amplifier gain, the use of analog and digital filters etc., are easily controlled from the included software and light spot position is continuously displayed both in XY and X-t, Y-t graphs. Optimized plot algorithms ensure that all data is visually seen on the screen even in full speed measurements. Included tools for data analysis and visualization simplify rapid scan through large data sets in order to find specific parts of interest.

Key Features
  • Extremely versatile - all important parameters can be adjusted
  • Highest performance - 16 bit A/D conversion at 1 MHz and full speed USB data transfer
  • User friendly - intuitive interface based on LabVIEW
  • Suitable for all users - easy set-up and advanced analyzing functions included

PSD Holder MH01 and MH02 an accessory option to SEEPOS

The SiTek PSD Holders MH01 and MH02 is a high linearity PSD assembled in a mechanical holder designed to fit perfect with SEEPOS. The holders are available with SiTek’s PSDs ranging from 2,5 - 60 mm (1D) and 2 x 2 – 45 x 45 mm2 (2D).

Data Sheets

Part. No Description
PSD Holder MH01 MH01
PSD Holder MH02 MH01


SiTek SPC-PSD (Signal Processing Circuit)

In order to facilitate the operation of our PSDs, we have developed a dedicated signal processing circuit. All components necessary to obtain the sum and difference signals from a two- or one-dimensional PSD have been concentrated on a 20,5 x 20,5 mm2 thick film substrate.

General information about our
Signal Processing Circuit (SPC) could be found here

1-dimensional SPC-PSD

Part. No Description Active area (mm)
S1-0257 1L2.5_SU74_SPC01 2.5x0.6
S1-0271 1L2,5_SU74_SPC02 2.5x0.6
S1-0231 1L5_SU74_SPC01 5x1
S1-0272 1L5_SU74_SP02 5x1
S1-0222 1L10_SU74_SPC01 10x2
S1-0273 1L10_SU74_SPC02 10x2

2-dimensional SPC-PSD

Part. No Description Active area (mm)
S2-0178 2L2_SU75_SPC01 2x2
S2-0244 2L2_SU75_SP02 2x2
S2-0209 2L4_SU66_SPC01 4x4
S2-0245 2L4_SU66_SP02 4x4
S2-0171 2L10_SU65_SPC01 10x10
S2-0246 2L10_SU65_SP02 10x10

SPC-PSD Evaluation Board

In order to simplify the set up of our popular SPC-PSDs in an optical system SiTek now releases an SPC-PSD Evaluation Board.

The Evaluation Board can easily be mounted on an optical table by using a standard 2” filter holder or screwed to for example an XYZ stage by using M6 screws. The board includes offset compensation electronics and a 14-pin connector that makes the inputs and outputs of the SPC-PSD easily accessible.

Evaluation boards for both the J-lead and the DIL version of the SPC-PSD are available and, as all of our products, they are of course RoHS compliant.

Part. No Description
SE-0012 SPC01 Evaluation Board
SE-0013 SPC02 Evaluation Board

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